Where everyone can paint


Pay per class no commitment.     

Come as often as you like, whenever you like.

We also run an open studio with help and facilities for professional artists.

All of our students can display their

work at the Annual ArtHouse Exhibition. We regularly hold solo and group exhibitions for our artists in local galleries, restaurants, bars and casas de cultura.


 Arthouse is an art studio centered in the back streets of Benidoleig on the Costa Blanca, Spain. It is run by Julia Evans, a practicing artist. It is a place for artists to create, sell their work and attend classes.  Arthouse holds Art and Craft classes for both adults and children.             


The ethos behind A r t H o u s e is that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy ART.
Artists have the ability to see both the profound in the normal and the normal in the profound.
"My name is Julia Evans and I am the owner & founder of ArtHouse. I opened my studio six years ago with the intention of creating a place where everybody could take part in the pleasurable act of ART."
Everybody has an artist inside them. At A R T H O U S E  you can find that artist.  Taking up a creative hobby gives you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself. 

ArtHouse is exactly as the name says, "a house of art".
I currently have over 60 students practicing painting here.
I welcome people of all ages, My youngest student is 4 and my eldest is 84! I  take students of all levels of ability, from complete beginners to professional artists. 
As and when the artists are ready, I help them to exhibit and sell work. All students are encouraged to exhibit in our regular exhibitions.
For me it is all about the enjoyment. If not, what is the point? I feel this is the reason why we get such good results. Everyone here learns a lot and produces a high standard of work, developing through pleasure.

I believe that everybody has the ability to draw and paint, they simply need to be shown how. ArtHouse is a fun and
vibrant working environment, where I encourage my
students to develop their own personal style of work. Many
find the classes therapeutic. Creating your own art is extremely
confidence boosting and I do truly believe that anyone
can do it."



ArtHouse holds Art and Design classes and one-day workshops for all levels of ability. We welcome all those wishing to learn, from complete beginners to more experienced artists. We take students of all ages.  Students will have the choice of either group classes or private lessons, meaning they can work in an environment they feel completely comfortable in. All of our classes are taught by professionally trained and experienced artists.


 An excuse to get creative.


Have you ever thought about learning to play guitar or piano but never got around to it? Or maybe you’ve always had a hidden fantasy to become a painter or sculptor but never managed to actually pick up a paintbrush. It is so easy to get carried away with work and family that sometimes we forget the dreams that we once held in our youth. Dreams that didn’t consider having to pay the mortgage or change nappies or get the kids to school in time.

We all suffer from the stresses and strains that day to day life inevitably brings. This is something unavoidable, nobodies life is perfect and strait forward and  stress is bound to effect most people at some time. Of course we can’t avoid ups and downs all we can do is make ourselves as strong as possible so that we can cope with the events that come our way.
There are many ways to avoid stress but using music and/or art is something that people don’t always think of. I am a firm believer in the benefits of both music therapy and art therapy to help people relax. You don’t need to be the next budding Picasso to be able to do it, it doesn’t matter if you feel that you have no talent, it is the act of creating that is important rather then the final result.
I teach art classes and everyday I have people come into my gallery to paint. For most of them it is three hours  where they get to do something that is totally self indulgent. After all many of us get to a stage in our lives where we are somebody's parent or grandparent, a husband or a wife. Within this it is so easy loose yourself. Taking up a creative hobby gives you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself for a while.

The benefits of art are immense. Not only does it allow you to express yourself but it can also be a huge confidence booster. I believe that everybody has the ability to paint and draw they just need to be shown how and you can see results very quickly. The boost in self esteem is plainly obvious  when a student completes a first painting. Many discover talents that they never knew they had and manage to accomplish things they never thought possible. Some of my students have gone on to exhibit and sell work after only a year of painting. One lady in particular first came to me two years ago and declared that she could not even draw a stick man. Now she has her own website and exhibits successfully in both Spain and Holland. You don’t even need to take it to this level. The reactions of friends and family when they see your newly found talent is incredibly rewarding and I guarantee that even if it is only for a short moment they will see a different side to you. You won’t be just mum or dad you will be extraordinarily you!
I am not a music teacher but I am in no doubt that music has the same effect as I myself have recently taken up the piano which is completely out of my comfort zone! But I have to say it is lovely being the student for once instead of the teacher.

There are many other benefits of art and music. It stimulates you mind, encourages  you to relax and can even help hand eye co-ordination. It can be either  a solitary practice allowing you time with your own thoughts or  done with others by joining a class or group, so it is a great way of meeting people.

 Art is something that you can bring into your life at any stage. What a perfect way to spend the sultry days of your retirement. Picture yourself on your terrace,  beautiful Spanish landscape before your eyes, with a paintbrush in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other! If you have young children it can be a fantastic and unusual way for a family to spend time together. And it is so easy to do. Just nip down to your nearest chinese bizarre and get a couple of packets of air dry clay, or even have a go at painting the flower pots in the garden. I promise you it will keep the little ones entertained and they will love you for it.
 The bottom line is, not only is Art fun but just like eating your five a day; it is good for you. Good for your body, good for your mind and good for your soul.


Published in RTN 2010